Forca Brand Womens Gi

Forca Brand has had generated some buzz since its launch a few months ago. The Mens Training GI has been flying off of the shelfs world wide and the responses from customers has been very positive.
With this initial success, Forca Brand is looking to shake up the market once more. This time Forca Brand is looking to target the women of the world who have a love for jiu jitsu.

Forca Brand is proud to announce the release of our womens gi. Jiu Jitsu is not a gender specific sport and is enjoyed world wide by both sexes. We wanted to create a gi specifically designed for women that will set it apart from the
mass market. We know we have creating something special and we are very excited to offer this gi to female jiu jitsu practitioners all of the world. Our womens gi uses the same advanced technologies as our Mens Training Gi, but is designed with the style and flare that a women will love.